mixing, mastering, going #@&%ing mental

when i decided that i was going to try to mix/master this new EP myself, i knew there would be a big learning curve (if that term is appropriate here).  working with aurally gifted fellas like laurence currie and noah mintz makes me feel like don maestro when attempting this stuff.  mixing sucks, and though i really felt like i should do this one, it has to end.  i’m about 99% sure that it’s done.  i’m also about 78% sure that i keep hearing these tracks coming out of random vehicles that pass me when i’m cycling.  it’s like a phantom limb or ghost harmonies.

anyways i remember thinking i wanted to try and make it sound kinda like listening to vinyl, which is difficult when you have one $40 tube-pre and no record player.  but the more i get into it, i realize what it is i’m going for – and maybe this is a subconscious revisiting-the-moment-when-one-really-begins-to-appreciate-audio-for-audio’s-sake kind of thing: at some point when i was about 13 i forked out the extra $1.20 for a hi-bias metal maxell cassette and actually noticed the difference, or at least i thought i did.

i kept wanting this mix to sound more lived-in,  or at least less digital.  now it’s sounding a bit like a tape i listened to about 100 times and then taped something new over… like when i couldn’t find a blank tape and ended up taping loc’ed after dark on top of my well worn cassette of chicago transit authority. well, minus the hiss.

some people might just think it sounds kind of fuzzy.  i prefer to call it not too clean.  regardless, it should be up streaming very soon for folks to like or dislike with wild abandon.

still life with moving picture

a talented colleague of mine (dan jardine) came over to the ‘studio’ (ie: tiny concrete box – albeit with a high ceiling) to lend a hand with some backing vox for a tune i was sketching a few months back.  he happens to be a videographer/director and showed up at the session with some modest gear in tow, and eventually ended up putting together a document of the recording process – and then effed it up with some 70’s style psychadelic pre-video toaster stuff at the end.  it should be up soon; here a a couple of stills from the vid that are kind of nice:

not asleep, just dreaming.
ever since i went to the john blackwell clinic i mindlessly flip my sticks around even in the middle of studio takes. this is not a good habit; it ruins roughly 4/10 takes.