it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted something here.  since then, i’ve released two albums (the most recent being the one above), moved across the country (to victoria, b.c.), produced a few albums (which I’ll be posting links to soon), and have started to put together a studio.  there are other things, as well, but for now i’m just dispensing a few talking points in case you and your cohorts have nothing else to discuss while pushing prams from café to café in your newly gentrified neighbourhood.

the first track from the miracle sweat album – “old times” – is available as a free download, and there is a limited press of 12″ 45rpm vinyl in select stores or online at jonepworth.bandcamp.com.

i have a few projects coming up that i’m pretty excited about, and i’ll try to be more expedient in relaying new informations in the near future. thanks for your patience and/or tolerance and/or support.