Ten new songs conceived and brought forth right here at Sounds Like Vic City studio.  I’m pretty happy about this album; it’s a sizeable departure from a lot of my previous material.  I dug into a number of influences that I haven’t really tried before – mostly on account of my wife’s excellent Sunday Morning Pre Walk Coffee playlists.  Somehow, I wasn’t familiar with the term “deep cuts” (even though when she used the term I nodded and acted as if it was old hat); and over the last few years I’ve been exposed to many lesser known songs and albums by artists whose catalogues I just assumed I knew well.  So if some of these tracks hit you in some vaguely familiar and good spot, I owe some of the credit to her.

However, if some of them hit you in an unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable way, that credit belongs entirely to me.

Confuser is available for download at jonepworth.bandcamp.com.