Up n’ Down

you may have noticed that the site was down for a few days.. sorry about that. i’m reconfiguring some stuff and learning that i have to learn some other stuff to get the afforementioned previous prior stuff reconfigured.  i expect more bleeps and bloops but at least i have a forum (that isn’t facebook) where i can post infrequently (for now).

more later.  it’s 11:34 and waaaaaay past my bed time.


Ten new songs conceived and brought forth right here at Sounds Like Vic City studio.  I’m pretty happy about this album; it’s a sizeable departure from a lot of my previous material.  I dug into a number of influences that I haven’t really tried before – mostly on account of my wife’s excellent Sunday Morning Pre Walk Coffee playlists.  Somehow, I wasn’t familiar with the term “deep cuts” (even though when she used the term I nodded and acted as if it was old hat); and over the last few years I’ve been exposed to many lesser known songs and albums by artists whose catalogues I just assumed I knew well.  So if some of these tracks hit you in some vaguely familiar and good spot, I owe some of the credit to her.

However, if some of them hit you in an unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable way, that credit belongs entirely to me.

Confuser is available for download at jonepworth.bandcamp.com.




it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted something here.  since then, i’ve released two albums (the most recent being the one above), moved across the country (to victoria, b.c.), produced a few albums (which I’ll be posting links to soon), and have started to put together a studio.  there are other things, as well, but for now i’m just dispensing a few talking points in case you and your cohorts have nothing else to discuss while pushing prams from café to café in your newly gentrified neighbourhood.

the first track from the miracle sweat album – “old times” – is available as a free download, and there is a limited press of 12″ 45rpm vinyl in select stores or online at jonepworth.bandcamp.com.

i have a few projects coming up that i’m pretty excited about, and i’ll try to be more expedient in relaying new informations in the near future. thanks for your patience and/or tolerance and/or support.


Live Show and Studio

As some of you may already know, my soul outfit – The Miracle Sweat – will be playing next Saturday night at the fabulous Horseshoe Tavern. We’ve expanded on our already sizeable sound with the addition of slammin’ keyboardist Graham Scott (with Hammond & Leslie in tow), and we’ve also got a new low-end-meister: Mark Gunter (who is also my cousin). Our previous bass player, Mike Andrews, has been called back to Nova Scotia and we wish him the best of luck with his endeavours out east.

We’ve been recording a few tracks with Tim Abraham (who recently recorded Steve Strongman’s fantastic-sounding new blues album) and so far it’s sounding really, really good. Everything’s going to tape and Andy (drums) and I are geeking out over the mics and pre-amps being utilized. Tim’s got great ears and is a great guy, and has been instrumental in getting us ship-shape.

Anyhow, here’s a little teaser for the show. It was filmed by Jeff Miller, who’s been getting footage of the whole process, and we’ll be putting together more previews as the album comes along…

good (old) times

i’m happy to say that our show at the excellent-sounding Piston club was a three-tiered success: band happy, audience happy, and venue happy.  and, if i didn’t truly understand what some performers mean by feeding off the energy of the crowd, i do now.  there were some moments of real abandon for me, and i am truly appreciative for the band and the audience making this an unforgettable night.  not bad for a band’s first show.  jennifer bundy & mercy flight built a great momentum leading up to our set, and had some great songs.

there are some nice pics of the evening here.  

it’ll be a little while before the next show, but we’ll try to make it a doozie.

No Matter How I Try I Cannot Shake This Urge

No Matter How I Try I Cannot Shake This Urge

i can’t help but feel like I’ve crawled back into my radio shack walkman to pull all sorts of inspiration from the stuff my 15-year-old self could relate to but couldn’t quite grasp why. i only gave myself one rule for this record: let (what’s left of) your hair down and don’t overthink it. normally, even for the simplest song, i sweat every detail, trying to find a palpable balance between composition, nuanced yet “natural” performances, aural textures, ad nauseam – and don’t even get me started on the agony of committing lyrics to tape. i’m not saying i don’t have fun writing/recording; i love it, but i usually put myself through a pretty nasty wringer all the while.

this time, though, i just wanted to be off-the-cuff and try to bring some fun and humour to my cynicism and malcontent. who knows if it works? only you, dear listener. i keep telling myself that its okay to occasionally write something that doesn’t pull my brain out through my aorta. i say “you might as well have fun now, because, once you start writing that opera about the gulag, you’ll forget how to enjoy anything.” excepting good, organic dark chocolate, of course.

NSMW 11.10.12

i am fortunate; things have aligned in such a way that i am once again able to play with the same gang that joined me for a presentation of the entire soul mange album in march.  it can be difficult to get so many in-demand musicians together for a practice, let alone a show… but we’re able to pull it together to play this weekend as part of Nova Scotia Music Week, held this year in picaresque, suspiciously quaint liverpool. hopefully we’ll see some of you there.  lots of great music throughout the event.  i’m hoping for a holiday snaps surprise reunion…

FE @ HPX 10.18.12


Playing this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion will be yours truly and his talented colleagues; and we hope to debut a new track of that approgsimates (freshly coined!) what everyone has always wanted to hear but could never put a sound to.

Not many posts on this site, I know, but new material of this nature takes time to ferment into something palpable and valid.

I’ll post the full line-up with links once it’s been finalized.  Very much looking forward to it.

photo by Scott Tiller (I think)