The Odd-Time Pocket-Guide

I am very pleased to announce the arrival of my first music instruction book.  Any of you who have followed my musical endeavours probably won’t be surprised that I’ve chosen something in the odd-time realm for my first educational foray.  I think 7/8 can be just as funky and/or swinging as even-timed grooves, and I believe that it’s as easy to count/play as 4/4 – or any other metre, for that matter.  It starts of incredibly simply, but near the end of it’s 64 pages, it does get pretty tricky.  It covers basic counting, easy 5/4 and 7/4 grooves, quarter-note pulses, tuplets, coordination, double-kick exercises, and a number of other odd-time related stuff.  It’s a small book but it covers a lot of ground.

It’s a half-size book – I wanted it to be easily portable and non-cost-prohibitive.  It’ll be available at a number of music stores and lesson centres in Canada, or one can purchase it online from my bandcamp page.  It will be only $10, no matter where you purchase it; I’ve made it a part of the agreement with anyone who chooses to retail it.

I’ve been teaching at Long & McQuade in Victoria, BC, for about 3 years now, and I have quite a few students who are really into prog-, metal-, and post-rock; genres which regularly incorporate odd-time signatures in their songs, often in various combinations.  I found myself writing out a lot of exercises in odd-times because I couldn’t find any simple books about it.  Sure, there are some great books aimed at advanced drummers – but what about something for an 8-year old who wants to play The Ocean by Led Zeppelin?  That book didn’t exist – but now it does!

If you’d like to know more, please drop me a line at  I’ll try to let everyone know any time a new store or lesson facility has been kind enough to carry a few copies, and once I have updated my merch page at

Thanks for taking a minute to check it out.